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Your classmates
Don't underestimate the value of talking through your code with the person sitting next to you. Ask your neighbor in class, get together with a classmate on the weekend. Two heads are better than one!

Parsons Code Club
Code Club is free and meets on campus every Friday. There's also pizza!

Codecademy has simple, interactive JavaScript tutorials which many of you might find helpful.

Stack Overflow
Most likely, you'll find solutions here. If you post a question, help others help you by describing your problem clearly, including snippets of relevant code, and by tagging your question with the appropriate language (i.e., HTML, CSS or JavaScript).

A straightforward reference for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Also features editable demos.

Learn CSS Layout
Learn the fundamentals of CSS layout through demos.

Prototyping & Sharing

Good for sketching, sharing, archiving, and for isolating pieces of code for posting on Stack Overflow.

Code Pen

Fonts & Type

Font Squirrel
Google Web Fonts


CSS Color Names
Hexadecimal Color Picker
HSL (Hue, Saturation, Lightness)
RGB → Hexadecimal (RGB to hexadecimal conversion)

Websites Featuring "Cool" Websites

Hover States
Site Inspire

Text Editors

Sublime Text Recommended
Text Wrangler

FTP Browser

A free serial number is available for all Parsons students.